Deals we might Refuse to Process

A Transaction might not be prepared if: (a) the amount of the Transaction exceeds your available balance, (b) the Card happens to be reported lost or taken, (c) our company is uncertain whether you have got authorized the Transaction, or (d) there is certainly a dispute involving your available stability. You were entitled to receive Benefits in an amount different than what was credited to your Card Account, you should contact the Agency if you believe.

Dilemmas Making Use Of Your Card

  1. You may have to go inside to pay if you experience a problem using your Card at the self-service pump of a gas station.
  2. At the Customer Service number below if you have problems using your Card and you believe you have sufficient available funds for the Transaction, call us.
  3. When we notice deals being uncommon or suspicious, we might spot a short-term security “freeze” in your Card while we make an effort to contact you.
  • Record of the Deals, Card Balance & Understand Your Balance

    You need to always check your Card Account balance and deal history on a daily basis.

    1. Record your deals, including Transaction Holds, so that you know your Card balance.
    2. You can get a receipt for the Transaction when you withdraw cash or make a purchase. In many cases, the receipt will suggest your Card balance. Note: Balance information might not consist of deals or costs being nevertheless in procedure and also have not yet settled. The total amount additionally can include payments susceptible to a hold (See Section III, Paragraph B “Transaction Holds”) or even a safety freeze (See Section V, Paragraph 3
    3. Through the web site, you are able to pick and print deal history for as much as one year for monitoring the deals posted to your Card account. The actual quantity of your funds that are available additionally available from the receipt you receive once you create a withdrawal or stability inquiry at particular ATMs. You additionally have the ability to get at the very least two years of written reputation for Card Account deals by calling us at the quantity regarding the straight back of the card or composing us at Account Services, PO Box 540190, Omaha, NE 68154-0190. You simply will not be charged a payment for these records, until you request it more often than once 30 days.


    You agree not to ever provide or else make your Card or PIN open to other people. If you are doing, you’re going to be in charge of any deals they conduct, even when they surpass your authorization. For safety reasons you agree to not compose your PIN in your Card or keep it within the exact same destination as your Card.

    By calling the Customer Service number below as soon as possible if you believe your Card or PIN has been lost or stolen or that someone has or may transfer or take money from your Card Account without your permission, report it. As soon as your Card or PIN is reported to us as lost, stolen or damaged, your Card should be terminated and also you shall don’t have any obligation for further deals concerning the utilization of the canceled Card.

    Your Obligation for Unauthorized Deals

    Inform us AT THE SAME TIME if you were to think your Card or PIN was lost or taken. Telephoning us during the customer support quantity may be the easiest way of maintaining your possible losings down. You can lose most of the money into your Card Account. In the event that you inform us within two Business Days, you are able to lose a maximum of $50 if somebody utilized your Card or PIN without your authorization. Within two (2) Business Days after you learn of the loss or theft of your Card or PIN, and we can prove that we could have stopped someone from using your Card or PIN without your permission if you had told us, you could lose as much as $500 if you do NOT tell us.

    In the event that you canРІР‚в„ўt telephone us, you can easily compose to us at Direct Express В® , Payment Processing solutions, PO Box 540190, Omaha, NE 68154-0190. If you’re a Ca resident you won’t be accountable for the $500 quantity described above in any event. If you should be a fresh York resident, your obligation when it comes to unauthorized use of the Card will maybe not go beyond $50.

    Also, in the event that written deal history or other Card Transaction information supplied to you programs transfers which you would not make, inform us at a time. If you fail to inform us within 120 times following the transfer presumably in mistake ended up being credited or debited to your Card Account, may very well not return hardly any money you destroyed following the 120 times, when we can be rise credit loans approved that people might have stopped someone from using the cash in the event that you had told us over time. If a very good reason (such as for instance a long journey, a hospital stay, or even the disease of a member of family) kept you against notifying us, we are going to expand enough time durations.

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